It fuels the black market, wastes millions and doesn't protect children.

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Washington sheriff endorses Oregon marijuana regulation measure

King County Sheriff

“The evidence keeps coming in: Our new approach is working.”– Sheriff John Urquhart, King County, WA

The future under Measure 91 is a bright one. We have the advantage of going third in Oregon, so there is proof of what it will be like. The sheriff of King County (which includes Seattle) will appear on your television in Oregon to say marijuana regulation is working in Washington.

Sheriff John Urquhart supported Washington state’s successful 2012 initiative to regulate marijuana. Now he’s taken the unprecedented step of endorsing a marijuana regulation measure on the ballot in the state next door. He supports Oregon’s Measure 91 because Washington’s new approach to marijuana is working.

“Month by month, tax dollars are going to schools and police, not the drug cartels,” Urquhart says in a new TV ad. “Wasteful arrests are way down. DUIs are down. Drug prevention programs are getting funds. Strict regulations are working.” Read more…