It fuels the black market, wastes millions and doesn't protect children.

We need a new approach on marijuana in Oregon: Strict regulation and taxation, creating funding for schools, drug treatment and law enforcement, while taking money away from criminal organizations.

Measure 91 will improve Oregon’s economy by establishing tax-paying businesses to regulate marijuana sales to adults. Instead of fueling the black market, let’s create revenue here in Oregon.

From time to time, there is misinformation conveyed about Measure 91. Find out the facts here.

Highlighting Yes on 91 Volunteers

Volunteers are the life of our campaign. They are the public faces for Measure 91 and work hard to help make a win possible in November. Please meet some of the wonderful people giving their time to the campaign!

We need you, too! Everyone’s support is important. No matter how much time you have, we’ll make sure it is worth it. Thanks in advance for helping out the Yes on 91 Campaign! Read more…