It fuels the black market, wastes millions and doesn't protect children.

Voting Yes on 91

It’s time for a conversation about Measure 91

The common sense reform of Measure 91 appeals to all Oregonians once they examine the details. For some, a frank discussion has not begun on the ways Measure 91 improves safety and adds to vital resources. You must start these conversations at the dinner table, around the TV during timeouts, or next time you get together. Time is running out. Misinformation has been spreading for decades about marijuana, and it can be taboo for some generations to discuss. It is not difficult to talk about smart policy reform and that’s what we have with Measure 91.

OR Alliance of Retired Americans

Endorses Yes vote on Measure 91

The Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens and Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans have both endorsed Measure 91. It’s the first time senior organizations have endorsed a marijuana regulation measure because Measure 91 promotes public safety and fiscal responsibility.

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